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XQS is now launching 2 Mint product

XQS launches mint flavours for the first time, XQS is one of the leading manufacturers of flavoured nicotine pouches but is now launching two Mint flavours.

  • “It has taken some time and has been difficult but it is important that once we enter the mint segment that we have something really good and competitive”, says Petter Strömberg CEO of XQS.

Epic Freeze and Green Mint are the first flavours to be released and both are only available as X-Strong in stage one. The pouches have been made heavier, giving a better feel under the lip. The total weight is now 12 grams for 20 pouches.

  • It is an active choice to launch these only as X-Strong, we want to add a stronger product but customers who use mint products usually want stronger products.

Epic Freeze is a Cool Menthol / Mint flavour with peppermint as the base, we have made it cool by adding a hefty dose of cooling and it may not suit everyone, but it is a way to stand out as XQS has successfully done in the past within the previous launches.

Green Mint is more traditional, but even here a lot of time has been spent to create a product you don’t get tired of, it should be as good every time, XQS calls it our EDC product an “every day carry”.

The freshness is unmistakable, XQS Epic Freeze and Green mint are another step in establishing XQS at the top of the nicotine pouch market.

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