What does XQS stand for?

XQS has been supplying products throughout the Nordic countries since 2005 and the XQS brand can be expressed in different ways. Some say “X Q S” for “excuse” in English. XQS is just the excuse you need to either quit smoking or, for that matter, to continue using a less harmful product without tobacco. XQS stands for good values in the tobacco industry, where we as a company must work to distribute a less harmful product for adult consumers. Where we must always offer the possibility of a reduction pathway in the form of smaller amounts of nicotine to products completely without nicotine.


Where can I buy XQS snus?

XQS is currently one of the fastest growing companies in white nicotine pouches, but we are still quite new on the market so you won’t find us in every physical store just yet. Our products are available from most major online stores, as well as in about 800 physical stores. If you would like our products in your store, please do not hesitate to request the products found in the store and we can work with you to grow and be available in more stores.


How much nicotine does XQS contain?

All our products are tobacco-free and available with or without nicotine. Our nicotine pouches are available in different strengths which are 20mg/g (10mg/pouch) as well as 8mg/g (4mg/pouch). We also stock 2 products, “epic freeze” and “green mint”, which are X-strong and contain 20mg/g (12mg/pouch)


How many pouches are there in an XQS box?

All our boxes contain 20 nicotine pouches.


The pouches are stuck together.

Because of the wonderful flavours we use, some flavours can have a tendency to stick together, this is something we are working on and is not dangerous.


How do I sort the can?

Nicotine portions are classified as environmentally hazardous waste due to their nicotine content and the fact that they are not biodegradable, it is therefore important that you sort them as combustible waste and do not throw them into nature, toilets and the like. The snuff box, which is made of recycled plastic, is emptied from your nicotine portions and then sorted as plastic.


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