Terms and Conditions

1. Age limit

Persons under 18 years of age are not allowed to buy nicotine pouches. If we discover that a minor has attempted to place an order, we will contact the guardian by letter or telephone. We have a system and routine checks that make it more or less impossible for a minor to order our products and identification is checked when picking up packages.
Orders placed in the name of another person (forgery) are reported to the police. Every order is checked and in case of suspicion of irregularities, xqs.com reserves the right to refuse your purchase.


2. Pricing

All purchases are made in Swedish kronor (SEK). Prices always include tax and VAT. Once the order is confirmed, prices can only be changed by circumstances beyond xqs.com’s control, such as changes in tax or VAT conditions. Shipping charges will be added according to the current tariff, and you will always see the total price at checkout. No other taxes or charges will be added.



When you place an order, you will receive a preliminary order confirmation by e-mail. A purchase agreement is only concluded after xqs.com has checked the age of the buyer and corrected any inaccuracies in, for example, the price, delivery time etc.


4. Deliveries

Delivery time is normally 1-3 working days within Sweden. Orders placed before 13.30 (weekdays) are usually shipped the same day, otherwise the order will be shipped the following weekday. It may happen that an item is currently out of stock. In these cases we will contact you by e-mail or telephone. All orders are sent by DHL to your nearest post office where you can pick up the parcel upon presentation of proof of identity. In the event of a delay in delivery of more than 5 days, please contact xqs.com. If there is a delay in delivery, we will notify you by e-mail. As a customer you always have the right to cancel the purchase in event of delayed delivery. We will always do our absolute best to fulfil your order. Compensation will not be paid in the event of force majeure. More information can be found under the tab Shipping & Delivery Times.

In the event of war, natural disaster, industrial action, government decisions and comparable events beyond our control that could not reasonably have been foreseen, and which affect agreements entered into as well as promises made by us, which make it impossible for us to fulfil the said agreement/promise. Force majeure includes government decisions that negatively affect the market and products, such as restrictions in indication, warnings, sales bans etc., abnormal decline in the market and if the company is exposed to criminal activity that affects the business.


5. Transport

We bear the transport risk from our warehouse to your retailer in Sweden, to whom we have sent your order. For example, if your parcel is lost, damaged or missing, we will reimburse you. You bear the risk of any return to us, for example when you want to exchange goods.


6. Split orders

Should any of the items you have ordered have a considerably longer delivery time than the other items, we may in some cases split your order. As a customer, you will never have to pay more than the agreed original shipping cost.


7. Payment

All our payments are handled by Klarna.
In case of invoice payment, there is always a minimum 14 days payment period (see full terms and conditions from Klarna here)’


8. Unclaimed packages

If you do not collect your parcel from your post office within the 14-day period, you will be charged a shipping and handling fee of SEK 150.


9. Guarantee

Up to 6 months guarantee on all boxes. It is very important that as a customer you keep the box(es) you have purchased. There is a serial code on each box that we must have in order to make a claim on the product.


10. Right to complain

Important information: You must show an actual fault for every complaint. Therefore, keep the defective product, do not throw it away or use it. Do not throw away the box because it has codes that must be given to the manufacturer. If you do not have the box, the claim will not be accepted.

Under the Consumer Sales Act (SFS 2022:260), as a consumer, you have the right to complain about defective goods, provided that the defect occurred within three (3) years from the time the goods were delivered to you and that you notified xqs.com of the defect within a reasonable time after you discovered or should have discovered the defect. What is considered to be within a reasonable time will be determined on a case-by-case basis, taking into account the nature of the goods, but a complaint made within two (2) months of the discovery of the defect will always be considered to be within a reasonable time. If you wish to make a claim, please contact our support as soon as possible.
Please note that a snus box may have a limited shelf life. It is your duty to indicate and upon request show what the defect is or how it happens.
It is of course a requirement that the complaint is justified and that the defect has not arisen from misuse by you as a customer.
Attach a copy of the invoice/order number as proof that the product was purchased from xqs.com. In the event of an accepted complaint, any shipping costs and other costs incurred in connection with the complaint will be reimbursed.

Note: We do not accept returns sent as a rec. parcel or against a postal advance, because we are not able to sign for these. We do not accept responsibility for inadequate packaging in connection with the return of goods and returning goods in paper envelopes is NOT recommended.

It is very important for returns but especially important for complaints that the goods are packed properly so that no damage occurs during transport. If you fail to do this and we receive it damaged, the claim will not be accepted.

The following information is necessary for a contract to be concluded:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Telephone number
  • E-mail address

Personal information is recorded for the purpose of delivering the goods to you. Personal information is registered with xqs.com and stored for five years, after which the information is deleted. When collecting personal information via our website, we ensure that you always agree to the collection. Information provided to xqs.com is not passed on or sold to any third party and we do not record any sensitive personal data.

This applies from 1/5-2022


11. Right of cancellation and return

The right of cancellation is granted for 14 days, provided that the goods are unused or unbroken. Shipping costs for the original order and the return are the responsibility of the customer. This applies from the time you as a customer have notified your cancellation. However, the right of cancellation can only be exercised as long as the goods are in the same condition and quantity as when they were delivered. Should the goods not be well packaged when returning the cancelled goods, xqs.se has the right to make a depreciation deduction of up to 100% of the value of the goods. When purchasing snus boxes from xqs.com, it is important that the box is not opened. If you wish to exercise your right of cancellation, please send an email to info@xqs.se. Please contact us with the order number and a description of your wish to cancel your purchase. If the product is damaged or deteriorates due to inadequate packaging, you lose your right of cancellation as a customer. Refunds in case of cancellation will be made within 14 days of receipt of the return without delay by the same means as the original payment (unless otherwise requested). The refund will be made as soon as possible by transfer to your bank once xqs.com has verified that your returned item complies with our return policy.

Note: We do not accept returns sent as complaints.


12. Privacy & security, personal data

When you place your order with us, you provide your personal data such as name, address and telephone number. When you register and place your order, you agree that we may store and use your data in our business to fulfil our obligations to you. We also document all communication we have with you via e-mail, this is to provide the best possible service. xqs.com will not disclose your personal data to third parties (another person, or another company). In cases where we suspect a purchase by a minor, you will always be contacted by e-mail and we will request your full social security number. Your social security number will be stored by us and we will use it to verify that you, the buyer, are of legal age.


13. Cookies

A cookie is a text file that is sent from a website, such as ours (www.xqs.com) to your computer where it is stored either in memory (session cookies) or as a small text file (text-based cookies). Cookies are used to store login information and Your Shopping basket when you browse our site etc. If your browser is set to not accept cookies, you will not be able to place an order on our site. You can easily change this in your browser settings. Please note that we do not use cookies to store personal information about you. If you have any other questions about terms and laws, you can visit the Swedish Consumer Agency’s website Hallå konsument (Opens in new window)


14. Disputes

Our aim is always to ensure you are completely satisfied. In the unlikely event that we should end up in a dispute, xqs.com will always follow the recommendations of the General Complaints Board.


15. Nature of goods

Although we make every effort to ensure that the information on xqs.com is as accurate as possible in terms of images, descriptions and other information about the product, sometimes the nature of the goods may differ in reality. However, the contents should always be the same as what was ordered.