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Nicotine pouches got me to quit smoking

I tried XQS for the first time by chance and the flavour was Cactus Sour. A friend of mine had been using nicotine pouches for a long time and had bought them at a shop here in Västerås. The taste and nicotine delivery that almost made me a little dizzy at first was great, and he actually gave me the box if I promised to try to quit smoking.

It’s been over 3 months now and I mainly use Blueberry Mint, the stronger version. My girlfriend is probably the happiest because I no longer smell of smoke. I have tried snus from friends before but I never really understood it, this fresher and slightly smaller pouch I get though.

// Ricardo

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We want to know a little more about Ricardo and his everyday life now that he has quit smoking:

What is your day job? I work as a sales manager at a company here in Västerås, and of course I miss going out to smoke with my old “smoking buddies” but I have also realised how much time I was spending smoking. The negative thing about snus is that you have it to hand all the time and may take one too many sometimes :).  When I get home I work out a lot and I guess I hope like everyone else that the Pandemic will end soon, I’m from Portugal and I hope that soon I will be able to go to  visit my family more easily.

Otherwise, football is my greatest interest. I don´t play anymore myself, but my partner would say that i follow Real Madrid slavishly

Do you want to quit using nicotine? Of course i have been thinking about quitting completely, but i don´t have any plans for that. We just got a dog which affects our economy, so i am of course thinking of it. But no, not right now. But who knows. The thing is that i need to bring products to Portugal so i will not start smoking again.