Complaints, Returns & Cancelled Purchases

It is very important for returns, but especially important for complaints, that the goods are packed properly so that no damage occurs during transport. Failure to do this will result in us not accepting your return or claim.

You must show an actual fault for every complaint. Therefore, always keep the defective product. Codes that we need are written on the bottom of the box to help you. offers a 6-month guarantee on all our products.

We recommend that you, the customer, check the delivery immediately upon receipt to verify that your goods are correct and free of defects. is always responsible for return freight in the case of damaged, faulty goods or complaints. Should there not be a defect in a complaint that we have received and reviewed, we may in some cases charge a fee for the work.
If you, the customer, do not follow the instructions, you risk your complaint not being approved.

If a complaint has been sent to us and we have reviewed it but do not receive a response from the customer by phone, text or e-mail after contact, we will discard the product after 2 months, which means that you lose your chance of compensation.

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For complaints, see Contact Private