The New Swedish Tradition

Born in Jämtland – raised in Dalarna

The idea for XQS’s tobacco-free snus was born in northern Sweden, in the region of Jämtland, where forests, mountains and lakes are part of Sweden’s most beautiful landscape. From the forests of Jämtland, the business moved to what we call the heart of Sweden, Dalarna, and here it remains today. We develop the most modern tobacco-free pouches possible, where flavouring and nicotine make up the main parts of our development together with our philosophy of being close to you, with a passion for life.

Freedom is something that we think about and is reflected in our products. That is why we were the first in the market to have all our flavours in different strengths, giving you the customer the freedom to choose what suits you.

We have a passion for flavours and sensations and can always offer something that suits you.

Enjoy the freedom and our unbelievable taste sensation and be part of the future tradition from Sweden, which is tobacco-free but gives you the buzz you want.

XQS Values

  • 1. PASSION

    We love what we do and are inspired by our entrepreneurial mindset and our active lifestyle in the heart of Sweden.


    was one of the first to create a tobacco-free pouch and we launched our first product in 2006. Today, we use that experience to achieve our vision.

  • 3. VISION

    Our product is everything, our goal is to create the world's best pouch; Taste what’s possible!


    We make Swedish tradition without tobacco, with recycled materials, with the nature of the future in mind.



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