Our head office is located in Borlänge, Dalarna, which is in the heart of Sweden’s nature, only 15 minutes away from one of Sweden’s most modern ski resorts. Being close to forests, lakes and culture, we create one of the most modern products in the white snus category. All international trade and national distribution is run from here and sent to all our retailers from our own warehouse.

Innovation and passion is how we created have success in Scandinavia with our nicotine pouches.
Join us on our journey to create the new Swedish tradition.

We are constantly working to expand our network of partners and resellers.
Get in touch if you would like to work with us at XQS or become a reseller of our range.

Sales Manager Scandinavia:
Jesper Kjaergaard Jensen –

Export sales:
Jesper Kjaergaard Jensen –

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XQS Values

  • 1. PASSION

    We love what we do and are inspired by our entrepreneurial mindset and our active lifestyle in the heart of Sweden.


    was one of the first to create a tobacco-free pouch and we launched our first product in 2006. Today, we use that experience to achieve our vision.

  • 3. VISION

    Our product is everything, our goal is to create the world's best pouch; Taste what’s possible!


    We make Swedish tradition without tobacco, with recycled materials, with the nature of the future in mind.