Meet Jennie and Hertis!

Jennie reduced her sugar cravings with XQS.

It’s Monday evening and it’s nearly 7pm when we meet Jennie in Duvnäs, just northwest of Borlänge in Dalarna. She has brought her horse here to ride from her stable in Falun because the environment here is magical. She sits on her horse with a smile as we arrive and then rides towards us to introduce herself.

Jennie tells us: I became aware of XQS because my colleagues encouraged me to give up sugar and a friend offered me XQS to try, since then I have used it every day. My absolute favourite flavours are Pipe Candy and Cactus Sour. I only use XQS and I can safely say that my sugar cravings have been reduced significantly!

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I have not previously used nicotine and therefore buy Light, because Strong is too strong. I have not used snus before so maybe not so great, but sweets are not good either so I’m more than satisfied anyway!

In my spare time I am very active and mostly hang out in the stables, I have my own horse that I train, hopefully we will get started with competitions again soon because I compete in dressage at intermediate level.

Hangs out with friends a lot and never turns down a party.

Namn: Jennie Emilsson

Ålder: 30år

Familj: Mamma,pappa och Lillebror

Intressen: Hästar framför allt, men annars umgås med vänner och dricker gärna bubbel

Favorit smak XQS? Pipe Candy och Cactus Sour

Insta namn? jennieemilsson

Favorit serie? OJ, ingen aning, älskade snabba cash, men tycker de är lika kul att kolla på första dejten

Högst upp på din bucket list? Långresa ensam!

Vad heter hästen? Hertingen, kallas hertis

Age? 14 year old valack

Gender? Male (dumb question gets a dumb answer)

Which strength do you consume? Light

What do you work with? Teamledare på ett kundtjänst företag Teamleader on

What do you miss the most during the pandemic?spending time with loved ones as usual, also the partying!

Pipe Candy 4MG (light)

Pipe Candy 4MG (light)

Jennie’s favourite

Pipe Candy 4MG (light)
Cactus Sour 4MG (light)

Cactus Sour 4MG (light)

Jennie’s no. 2!

Cactus Sour 4MG (light)